FFS Friday!

Paul is dead. Paul is dead. Paul is dead.

Remember when parents everywhere lost their shit because they thought their kids’ Beatles album was speaking to them when played backwards?

Apparently, we were WAY off base, seeing as how Paul is the last one left……..what?? What do you mean Ringo is still alive? 

Unless you believe James Richards.

Mr. Richards tells his story of knocking himself unconcious, to wake up in a parallel universe, being convalesced by a man named Jonas, who had in his possession an unreleased (in our dimension) Beatles TAPE. He explains that the Beatles never broke up, were all alive and well, and still touring.


Abbey Road is thier bitch.

Mr. Richards then went back through the magic portal to our dimension, having pilfered the tape from Jonas, and put all the songs on the internet for everyone to enjoy.


I’m a huge fan of Fringe, which more or less is dealing with the “alternate dimensions” storyline. But, I mean….c’mon.

FFS, if these people had a DIMENSIONAL PORTAL, why would they still be using CASSETTE TAPES.

I’m sure I could poke another few holes in his theory, but I just can’t come up with the energy to put into this nutjob.

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