About Me

Look, I’ve done some messed up things in my life. I smoked too much, drank too much..but I never expected to have a heart attack at 32.

I was laid off from my career of 14 years in February of 2010. On August 1, 2010, I went to the hospital with chest discomfort. A quadruple bypass, 4 flatlines, and 2 weeks later, I was released from the hospital.

My wife made sure that I was to have no intention of going back to work until I grew another heart, so I am trying to settle into my role as a stay at home father, and have some fun with it while I can.

This site is mostly SATIRICAL. I am a very sarcastic person, and sometimes my dry humor does not produce the intended results. I don’t hate my family, I don’t wish ill on anyone. I’m just finding humor whenever and where ever I can. Life is better that way!

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