Having been close to death’s door a time (or 4) before, the first thought that I had was: “OMG, I totes need to update FB, Twitter, and YouTube about whatz happenin 2 me!!!!1!!!1 <3”

Social media is awesome, but what happens to your status updates if you die? The obvious answer would be: They End. Period. 

The new answer is: If I Die. An app that you can dictate a final message to your 700 friends and close acquaintences that, in the event of death, 3 of your “trustees” (read: drunk friends) can post in your behalf.

I have a hard enough time finding my friends’ inane status updates in my feed, God forbid they should post: “Well, just bought the farm!! LOLZ! No more work for me!”

The fact that you have to trust your friends to post your final message is another iffy catch for me. What if “I love my family and will miss you” suddenly turns into “I love my RICHARD and will miss RICHARD FOREVR N EVR AMEN. LMAO.”

*sigh* brb….making a video.


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Recent heart attack survivor at the age of 32, forced into role of Stay at Home Dad. Stumbling my way through it... View all posts by sooperjeenyus

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