All Hope Is Lost….

I found this pin on Pinterest, complete with instructions for Photoshop. Sweet!

First problem: I know absolutely jack about Photoshop. I have the open source alternative, GIMP, so I had to alter the instructions slightly.

Second problem: I have pretty much no patience. Apparently it’s required for this project to be successful. Otherwise, you end up like I did, with posters reminiscent of Toxic Avenger movie ads.

Third problem: I wasn’t about to make a picture of myself… I found some unwilling participants.

Here are the original photos (by With Love Photography):


Here are the “HOPELESS” propaganda posters I created:


The first one….I tried following all the instructions to the letter. It doesn’t look anything like the Obama poster.


Poor Katie. There weren’t enough shadows or something. I followed all the instructions on this one too. After I “completed” this one, I threw the instructions out. I think the words “Close Enough” were uttered quite a bit…..


Getting better….a little closer.


And I quote: “Wrap this sucker up! I don’t really give a rat’s ass what it looks like. I’m tired of editing photos. Your sister is damn crazy to do this all day.”

Art wasn’t my strongest class, people. Cut me some slack. Besides, I told you the attempts would be laughable.

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