I stumbled across this next product in my interwebz searching. 

If you could have a glimmering moment of sunshine in your otherwise dismal cubicle sentence, how would finding a good sign at the bottom of your coffee cup. 

Here’s why this product is brilliant. Rather than give you the impression that you’re going to be blown away by your regular cup of half burned Folger’s (because your company is “cutting costs”, and they have to “sacrifice” and “trim the fat” by “getting rid of some luxury items” such as good coffee), the manufacturers make you wait until you have nearly drank the whole cup, because then you are 1000% less likely to strangle a co-worker.

I give you the “Minor Miracle – Our Lady of the Latte” coffee mug


Sometimes inspiration appears when you least expect it. For example, even a simple mug can confer a Minor Miracle— after you drink your morning coffee or tea, a vision of The Holy Mother materializes in the bottom of your cup. Take it as a sign — caffeine is GOOD. Don’t you think every day should start with a Minor Miracle? Beautiful giftbox packaging.

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