SooperRant Sunday

**WARNING – before reading this, make sure no kids are around. There is some naughty stuff.**

Went to the Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend. It was my first comic con and was awesome. Seeing all the cosplay and talking with artists that are passionate about their craft and love what they do is amazing. This is not about those people.

About 80% of the artists were true “comic” artists. They took revered comic idols and redrew them in thier styles, for instance, I bought this awesome print of Carnage, a Spider-Villain:


Check out more of Andy Carreon’s work here.

And another awesome print of Venom, another Spiderbaddie. Can’t find the print art online, but artist’s website is here.

Here’s the issue. For every artist with a cup full of talent, there were several that apparently thought the CON in ComicCON stood for CONtest to draw the best naked ladies.







The last one really disappoints me. Rogue is a part of the X-Men, an ELITE GROUP OF MUTANTS. To objectify her just diminishes her awesomeness.

But, hey, guess what?


I am now a comic artist!

Signed prints of the above image will be available for $10 each.

You guys have so much talent, you could make your own heroes, expand on ancillary characters, or re-boot old icons. Why do you have to focus on Wonder Woman’s breasts?

Here is truth in advertising:

Welcome to Dark Silver Studio, here you will find alluring women in dark places. Each beauty will capture your attention as she draws you to her side.


The best part?

Here’s the artist:


Natali Sanders

In order to help out the awesome artists that decided that the breasts they DID draw were kept away from my kids’ visions at the comiccon, I urge you to check out the following pages. Some of them DO draw the voluptous figures, but I didn’t see any DISPLAYED for my kids to browse, so they get a thumbs up for that.


Big Chris


Jamie Tyndall

And my new favorite artist. This guy is crazy talented.


Jon Hughes

All in all, it was a geek nirvana. Looking forward to The Phoenix Comicon in March!

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